About Spectrum 6

Welcome to a realm where film meets marketing. Spectrum 6 is an innovative visual media company that uses creative advancements in technology to best represent our clients. Each and every project is ingeniously designed to leave an impactful and outstanding impression. Our role is to develop strong relationships with our clientele in order to effectively express their brand’s mission on a global scale. Our heavy emphasis on collaborative business liaisons makes Spectrum 6 a superior choice.

Our Services

Our Reel

Our Clients

Creation Process

1. Creative Consultation

Upon contacting Spectrum 6, the process is begun through brainstorming, researching, gathering data, and planning delivery methods to visually present your ideas/events through film and visual marketing.

2. Review Process

A creative team of directors, and editors will review your video masterpiece with you and take your suggestions and critique into full consideration. Upon a mutual review, the team will edit the video to produce a polished cutting edge work of cinematic art.

3. Launch

After finalization of your company's graphic masterpiece, Spectrum 6 will work to launch the final product in a show-stopping fashion. By teaming up with Spectrum 6, your corporation will prosper in new directions that will take your brand to new heights.

4. Happy Client